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Club Bim Bam Bino

(the access is possible only with the Free time pass)

...happy children are like sunshine for our hearts... 
Games, fun, sports and a lot of action - discover Club Bim Bam Bino, the unforgettable gathering place for children between the ages of 6 and 12!The theme of the year is EXPO 2015 and the city of Milan.

Together we'll do handicrafts, paint, play, practice sports, go and have fun in the playground, take the parents and go for excursions in the area, cook with the Chef (who enjoys cooking with our young guests very much!) or organize a hide-and-seek game in the park of our family hotel in Northern Italy. 
The Club Bim Bam Bino is open 7 days a week (April - October) in Parco San Marco, the children & family friendly hotel at Lago di Lugano.

Here you can find our Club Bim Bam Bino program for the week!